OPST Commando Skagit Review…kind of. Part 1

I had the opportunity to fish and cast with the OPST Commando head coupled with a 10’ Micro Skagit floating head and I had a ball.  I don’t necessarily recommend this set up as ideal because the heavy body of the OPST Commando pretty much overpowered the dainty OPST mico tip but it was fun to play with put together some fishable casts for swinging small wet flies.

These heads are pretty powerful. I very light forward stroke coupled with a shallow D loop is really all that is necessary to launch a little wet fly.  A better option for a floating tip for the 225 grain OPST Commando head would be the Rio MOW light floating tip.  The MOW would wield more power to turn over a larger streamer and be more forgiving match.

This 10’ micro tip is very dainty and would most likely match up better with the smallest Commando heads.

I also fished the 225 with a 12’ 96 grain OPST “Run” sink tip.  I fished an Aqua Flies micro Intruder, a Hobo Spey fy for summer Steelhead on a small coastal river.  So I’m forming some opinions on the Commando heads. Instead of a detailed review, I will just toss out some random neural firings and ad more as I get more experience with the Commando.


225 Grain Commando Head, 12’ 96 grain OPST “Run” sink tip


I used my beloved  8’ 6” Berkley 6/7, 2 piece single hand fly rod off of which I have broken the tip a couple different times.  So its about 8’ 2” I’m guessing, but I don’t care, I still like it.

A 96 grain, 12’ sink tip and Hobo Spey or Micro Intruder is about my max with this rod.  It’s pretty challenging and I would only recommend it for someone with a longer rod or a switch rod. Or a more powerful rod.


You could easily put this head, tip and fly on an 8 weight and catch a steelhead.  It gets deep and feels like a Steelhead set up.  


If you put it on a 5 or 6 weight and took it Trout fishing it would only be fun if you were catching, like, 3 pound Trout or bigger.  You can barely feel a small Trout on a set up this heavy.


I would definitely consider trying even the smallest Commando head on a 5 weight rod.  You will feel small fish better and it will still cast decently.


Don’t expect these lines to cast huge flies or sink tips on single handed rods.  At least if you’re a beginner.


I’m looking forward to try some lighter sink tips, say, 75 grains tips, 50 to 60 sounds even better for my enjoyment level and  6’ or 7’ long.


I’ll let you know when I find the perfect sink tip and fly that suits my casting and fishing needs.

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