Oldie but Goodie: Loomis Greaseliner 15′ 8/9

I love this rod. If I had it to do all over again I would have bought this as my first 15′ Spey rod, hands down. It’s flat out amazing. It has a strong tip section, a forgiving, smooth action that bends, but only as much a necessary (if that makes any sense.)

Oh, and it has a ton of power. It has no trouble picking up a Spey line. In this video I’m casting CND GPS 10/11 Mid-belly Spey line that has been modified (butt chopped) to measure 61′ and 750 Grains. It felt a tad heavy at first but it performs if you ignore the weight and get after it.

I removed the floating tip and looped on an intermediate tip, a few feet of mono and a Marabou fly because I was trying to catch a Summer runner just before I did the video. Of course I snagged the fly on the far bank of the river and had to break it off, because the lighting was good for filming but I could have used some bigger water or smarter angles. But I could see this submerged rock over there and I knew there was a fish under its uh, huppah.

The other reason I fished it with the intermediate tip was because it allows me to fish shorter leaders which I like because I get less wind knots, not that I ever get wind knots, and the fish in that particular river are not known to be overly aggressive at attacking flies. But the full floating configuration is so nice with that rod and line combo it really needs to be fished that way.

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