My New Favorite Steelhead Fly Tier – Nikki Page

I have a new Favorite Steelhead fly tier and her Name is Nikki Page. 

Nikki is a participating member of my YouTube community who reached out to me to say thank you for my casting videos by offering me some of her custom Steelhead Flies.

First and foremost she is a Steelheader and Skagit caster, or at least I’m pretty sure she is judging by her enthusiasm, tying ability and knowledge. That, and she goes fishing as much as she can.

The flies she sent me are fabulous. They have large profiles, crazy, fishy color schemes, and swimmy features.  That’s what convinced me she knew what she was doing. Her flies swim.

What really impressed me though was the one fly tying video of hers I found on the web.  There are more tips and tricks on her one video than any fly tying video I have seen.

I’m so impressed that I hijacked her video, trimmed it and threw a few clips of my own on it.  I tried to use her entire video but my youtube limit is 15 minutes right now so I could only customize half of her video. I desperately wanted to feature her on my own youtube channel.  In the video, I swim a few of her custom flies and include her putting the finishing touches on her Perch Fire Tiger Deceiver. That’s all I could squeeze in.

But on I’m including her own Youtube video of her tying Perch Fier Tiger, Deceiver Streamer video in its entirety.   It’s just different. It contains loads of great tips for new tiers and I’m sure experienced tiers will find it very interesting too.  Regardless, there is more value to a tier like me and my buddies in her video than any Steelhead fly tying video I’ve seen.

So I’m proud to feature it on my website and I’m looking forward to more interactions with Nikki.  Thanks for the flies Nikki. I’m looking forward, to more videos!



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