Modern Scandinavian Spey Casting: Progress report: There is no progress.

Ok. I can not do a cast without using my top hand. A lot of top hand. Can’t make myself do it.  Throughout this entire process of trying to learn what I call Modern Scandinavian casting I have discovered that my top hand is quite a crutch.  Out of the hundreds of casts I’ve made since I began the learning process I can honestly say I have not produced one cast that even resembles Scandinavian Casting.  The reason I’m posting the video below is because it is one of the few casts I’ve made with a high rod stop.  Other than that I don’t really use my bottom hand very well.

I’ve learned quite a bit since this little journey began. I’ve learned that even when I thought I was using bottom hand before I had really not been using it all that much.  I’ve also figured out that when my top hand goes by by I am helpless.  This is one of those things that looks simple but when you try to do it the “Scandi way” which means the top hand is just a guide and the bottom hand supplies the power, things become interesting.  I thought this would be a fun little challenge but now its turned into an obsession.

Whenever I get a two minute break and I find a stick handy I practice the lift and sweep and firing motions in effort to figure out what I need to change.  Several times I thought I discovered where my hand position needed to change, so I changed it, or changed the angle of the rod in my hands and it felt right. Eureka, I thought, I’ve figured it out. Then, when I had a few minutes of daylight at the end of a day I’d slip out on the water and give it a try.  I still couldn’t make myself stop using top hand for everything, and when I did the videos revealed that virtually nothing had changed, or my sweep produced no D loop or my drift was too early or I forgot what I was trying to do and slung it out with my top hand or my top and bottom hand. Thus, no Scandi for me that day.

I don’t know what you would actually call what I’m doing and the cast goes out ok for the most part but I still panic most of the time and hit the cast too hard and produce rod noise and slurping, zinging line noise.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I cant make my body do what I tell it.  I tell it one thing and it does the complete opposite.  So what I think I’m doing during the cast turns out to be something completely different in the video.

I upload the videos to Youtube for my own use or to share with the expert that has been kind enough to help me but they are not really intended for an audience.  I just don’t have time to figure out how to make them private at the moment and I really don’t care if you don’t think I can cast or not because I am learning.  There has to be somebody out there to show the newby Speycasting world that its ok to learn and fail. I dont have time to edit out my bad casts. Right now they are all bad casts.  We cant all be experts.

This is really fun, and interesting and it keeps me active and casting.  I know its a style of casting and not the end all of the two handed game but its definitely not as easy as it looks and its added a new element to my casting that I would have not known had I not tried.  Hopefully after a few hundred more casts or maybe even a few thousand I will at least have a grasp on the fundamentals, and thats just with my right hand. Wow.

So I better get back to the very basics and at least learn how not to use my top hand. I see the drills featured in the video below in my near future. Its a good place to start if your learning along with me.

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