Longbelly videos

Yours Truly performing a magical single spey cast using a CND competition rod and a Nextcast comp line.  I might be dangerous if I put something into my forward stroke! Uhg Thanks Mike Ivy for pointing that out and Jim Ansite for letting me eavesdrop on your advanced FFFTHCI tutelage!

Roger H from Sweden over at Speypages posted a couple nice videos so I thought I would pass them along as I appreciate the effort and skill it takes to cast a long line. It’s harder than it looks. I subscribed to his Youtube channel. Well done Roger H from Sweden. I’ll be watching for more of your casting videos.

Here is a super cool casting clip. Some very impressive camera work here and some nice casting.

Of Course I cant feature a tournament casting practice session without including Brian Styskal and Greg B… prepping for 40 degree angle changes and deep wading conditions at Speyorama.

Or this….

Ahhhh…..I feel better now.

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