Lee Davison Spey Casting Instruction

I’ve never met Lee Davison of Snake River Outfitters fame and  Ballistic Spey lines but word on the street, or on the river, is that he is a respected competition caster who won the senior Division at the much Ballyhooed Spey-O-Rama, deep wading, gnarly angle change, nasty wind, long distance Spey casting tourney last year.

He is also the chief line designer at Ballistic Spey lines as well as competent casting instructor.  So I was shocked to see that I was one of the few lucky fellers who even knew he had a Youtube channel featuring some great tutorial videos!

I hope you enjoy these and learn a bunch.  There is simply too much good stuff to not pass along!  I expect to see the views and thumbs up increase on his Youtube channel, now that I’ve done the hard work of rooting these out for the youtube algorithm  elves. (slackers)  GeeWiz guys, do I have to do everything around here?

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