Learning to Cast left Handed using Pantomime Techniques

If you are new to casting with your nondominant hand, or wanting to try a new cast, one good way of introducing your uncooperative body to the idea without harming oneself is to try pantomime casting.  Any stick will do.  In this video, I use the bottom section of a two-handed rod to illustrate the hand placement etc of a left-handed single spey.  Do it in a mirror or on a video. Study where your hand placement needs to be.

Merry Christmas Everybody. Thank you to all who read the Linespeedjedi.com Blog, watch our youtube videos and interact through comments, likes, and subscriptions.

I hope this is helpful to anybody who enjoys casting and is trying to improve along with me. Merry Christmas Everybody.

Below is Foreach71 doing a left hand up switch cast.  Good body position and hands properly placed to start the lift.  My suggestion is to use a little more top hand and circle up or drift into casting position after your sweep, just before firing your forward cast.  A little more top hand in the forward cast can be used with a definite stop at the two o’clock position.  You do a good job moving your center of gravity into the forward cast.  Using your top hand more to execute the cast is a good thing!  Another idea:  Grab a single hand 5 weight and practice with your left hand to help develop your forward stroke.


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