Scandi with klaus frimor

Klaus Frimor’s Crash Course on Scandi Casting

The North 40 Fly shop just came out with this new 40 plus minute video featuring Klaus Frimor at the Montana Trout Spey Clave this year, hot off the press!  It’s touted as a Scandi casting crash course. Klaus is hilarious of course and gives the Skagit guys a pretty hard time, all in good humor.

Klaus Frimor is a great teacher and I’ve watched his videos over and over, time and again.  But he won’t hold your hand. I constantly keep my toes on the rewind button, and when he drops a golden nugget I stop the video and watch it over and over. That’s the best tip I can give you on getting every nugget of knowledge out of this video!

2 thoughts on “Klaus Frimor’s Crash Course on Scandi Casting

  1. Great video and very good teacher. Makes one regret that one did not start doing this a very long time ago, as the amount of practice to make anything look that easy is huge.

    1. Thanks Craig! I agree. It took Klaus three years of casting an hour a day after work to get really good. So there is no better time to start than now! Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it a lot!!!!

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