4 thoughts on “Klaus Frimor on Underhand Fly Casting Verses Skagit

  1. Awesome, great input Tim. My next question is, do I match same grain weight for the head. I use a 540 Airflo skagit switch line on my 11′ – 8wt

  2. Hi Tim, your videos and insight through emails has been a great influence on my two hand casting. Primarily skagit casting. I have the opportunity to fish a world class dry fly steelhead river this summer for a 7 day trip. The group I’m with are dry line skating guys. I’m hoping you can suggest some scandi line recommendations, and basically tips for a full time skagit guy going into scandi with casting technique. For example, do I forget about waterborne anchors, pokes & so forth ? Basically a scandi casting for dummies kind of deal. Any insight will be much appreciated.

    Thanks Tim

    1. Hey Paul, great question and great subject for a video in itself. Airflo Compact Scandi is a very nice casting floating Scandi line. The good news is you can use all of the same waterborne anchor casts with the Airflo Compact Scandi as with your Skagit rig. Its very easy to cast with a few minor adjustments in technique such as being judicious with the power in the sweep, so as to not blow anchors. The sweep can be pretty flat and low because a high rod tip in the sweep is liable to also blow anchors as the floating tip will blow quite easily if too much speed is applied. Still, you can have a pretty agressive line peel if you keep everything low and allow for a longer portion of the line to anchor and grip on the water to provide purchase for the forward cast. The Airflo Scandi compact is a very forgiving and super easy line to cast as are many of the modern Scandi lines. Just ad a 7′ to 12′ of strait mono leader and your good to go, or you can ad a floating poly leader and a few feet of straight mono on that, its all pretty much personal preference but I would lean on your experienced friends for their preferences as far as leader etc. The good news is when the shadows are gone and the sun is out you can switch to your Skagit and Sink tips and fish mid day or just throw on ten or twelve feet of t8 on the end of your Scandi and it should cast and fish fine providing you are using a 7 or 8 weight spey rod. Also, mid day is a good time of the day to play with a few touch and go casts with your floating Scandi line. Snake roll, and Single Spey are fun, easy casts and will ad to your repertoire. Good luck and thanks for the affirmations and the questions. Holler if I can be of any more help.

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