Kid Casting a Commando Skagit Head

Ok, its not an Official OPST Commando Skagit head, its mock up from a chopped factory shooting head I destroyed. Charlie is casting with an 8’6″ 6/7 single hander that has had the tip broke a time or two, so its probably a little over 8′ long. The rod is lined with a little Skagit head that is around 11′ long and a couple hundred grains if memory serves me correct, outfitted with a light sink tip, short mono leader and a soft hackle type fly. The rod has a plastic real seat that is up-locking, so there is a little extension that hangs down two or three inches to form a grip so Charlie and I both can cast this thing two handed.  Check out this anchor re-positioning video.

A factory OPST Commando head would no doubt fly better but I want to experiment with what we have on hand to understand for myself how these things work.  So far they work pretty darned good.

7 thoughts on “Kid Casting a Commando Skagit Head

    1. That is great, these short heads make it possible to learn on a converted rod, plus you get that ultralight feeling, which is great because sometimes with kids we catch ultralight fish!

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