Jay Nicholas, Prolific Tier of Cool Steelhead flies and Spey Enthousiast

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jay personally but when I’m near Eugene I love to stop by the Caddis Fly Shop and pick up a few of his amazing creations.

He is a fly tier, creator, writer, with such a laid back style that he looks like he is just playing at the vice in a relaxed mode with nimble, dextrous, talented fingers, that make tiers like me, with extra thumbs feel extremely inspired.

I was happy to see this interview appear on youtube, and I decided to ad one of my favorite flies and a video of him fishing.



2 Replies to “Jay Nicholas, Prolific Tier of Cool Steelhead flies and Spey Enthousiast”

  1. Awesome post as always. I just saw Jay present at a local fly fishing club in Astoria this week. He had a 50 minute long video about all of his fishing trips but had a ton of focus on ocean fly fishing. Jay truly is killing it. He has caught everything out there including rockfish and ling cod on poppers. Thanks for the share on the video!

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