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Janusz Panicz is a Spey caster and fisherman from Poland. He has a unique and amazing style that largely incorporates his bottom hand. He refers to it as Modern Scandinavian Spey casting. He has taken me under his wing and been a great help in my learning to cast Scandi Style

I will share part our correspondence over the internet. At the time we didn’t know I was going to use the message in a blog post but he allowed me to use it. He has been very generous with his time and knowledge.

I was influenced by J.E. Granbo at first. I was overwhelmed by the power and dynamism of his casting…Janusz Panicz
 Granbo to Janusz Panicz:  “I’ve been watching you. You have a very powerful cast.”
He’s casting is very spectacular and thus pleasant to watch.
You can hear him casting from the distance.
He’s go this characteristic punch when he hits his body with his lower hand on forward delivery.
But I’ve learned he does it during demos and he casts like this in his movie.
This is surely meant to make it spectacular. When you see him fishing then he takes things at lot easier and his casting is more relaxed and smooth.
 With time I started to seek for more subtle and more technical way of casting. I’m never completely satisfied with my technique and that drives the strive for improvement and progress.
After initial fascination with J.E. Granbo (my first instructor was his disciple) I then got inspired by Henrik Mortnesen’s technique and I think his technique influenced my style the most. Finally I started to see a beauty in Goran Andersson’s technique as Goran casting is so “simple”, compact very economic but yet efficient.
I like that efficiency and effortlessness of both Mortensen’s and Andersson’s styles.
So I guess my style is a blend of three styles. I hope I took the best of each of style and incorporated into my casting.
During the 3 recent years I dedicated my casting training to making the most of my casting with minimum effort and making my casting look beautiful with perfect loops.

There is always room for improvement Tim – that’s the beauty of this sport.
It’s good you record yourself casing. It’s the most important thing to watch yourself casting. I would watch myself casting over and over, sometimes 40 times in a row, each time focusing on other aspect of my casts. It’s hard analytical work to pick up the tiniest of faults and a way to fix them.
But that’s the way to do it. Even if you have an instructor standing next to you and pointing out your faults it’s still so important to record your casting. These slow motions videos are particularly invaluable.
With time while you will be making progress you will see that you don’t need to over-line your rod. Too heavy a shooting head will kill the action of your rod. At least in Scandinavian spey casting when you use your bottom hand to propel the line forward.
I’m looking forward to seeing your new videos and hopefully I’ll see some of my own influence on your casting.

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