Impromtu Spey Casting Lesson

Last weekend  Charlie and I had some fence to fix on the honey do list but we made a little detour to the pond so I could have him video a few casts.  While I was watching the replay he took my rod and played with a few snap T casts.  I asked him to do a few touch and go casts.  He’s always been a sustained anchor man but he adapted pretty quickly to the touch and go idea.  I did a little coaching to guide him along, strip off some running line and shoot for a little distance. By the time we were done I sensed he was beginning to become hooked because he refused to give me my rod back.

He’s not like us old guys. When you tell him to do something with his hands, torso or the rod his body actually complies and does exactly wheat he tells it to do.  I have never really pushed casting on him but now that I know he likes to shoot line and watch his pointy loops fly I’m going to start pushing it a little and see how far he wants to advance.  I need new subject matter and I think I’ve found it.


Charlie has always been a sustained anchor man…


Slow motion reveals that his body pretty much does what he tells it to.  Time to get serious about casting.

2 thoughts on “Impromtu Spey Casting Lesson

  1. I saw that video on youtube. Dig out that shoulder to wrist restraint so that he can’t windshield wiper his upper arm even if he wanted to. Glad to see you coaching him, coach!

    1. Thanks Greg. He does a little better with a lighter rod. He actually has a nice high stop. I’ll try to make some more videos on the river of him. He throws some pretty loops. I’ll tell him you commented! Thanks buddy.

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