Impeccable Single Spey Cast

The above photo and video (both taken by Zack Williams) are Bruce Kruk, a long time member of the world renowned Galeforce and Carron Competition Spey casting teams doing a classic single Spey cast with a long line.

 Zack Williams posted this video along with a few Single Spey Thoughts from the PNW Spey Guides site on the blog.  Zach is they guy behind Swing the Fly magazine and an SOR finalist (produced a 180′ cast) so he understands casting, like, a lot.

I have been following Bruce Kruk’s casting for years on You tube. He doesn’t produce many new videos but I have watched and re watched his technique over and over again, for years now. The video below was posted five years ago so you can compare the two that were taken several years apart.

By the way Bruce Kruk has also made a 180′ cast in competition.

I hope to publish interviews with both of these guys when I catch up to them. They are true Jedi.

Single Spey practice from Bruce Kruk on Vimeo.

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