I’m High on The OPST Commando Smooth

Charlie casting the OPST Smooth

Here are a few other thoughts on the OPST Smooth …

Its fully integrated.

Allows stripping in all the way to the sink tip

It must be air mended ….video on the way

I think some el’ Slicko line dressing would add to its shooting sweetness

No Coily mono

no knot through the guides

It still needs a decent stretch for max performance, But what doesn’t?


4 thoughts on “I’m High on The OPST Commando Smooth

  1. Hi Tim, I’ve tried the Opst commando smooth on my Loomis 4wt (175grain) and found the line to be kind of harsh although I like what the line offers in terms of being able to cast a variety of flies (small to heavier flies). I have Rio’s single hand spey line and love the line as the loops are beautiful to watch going out but unfortunately I’m limited to using smaller flies. I see you have experienced a few of these light skagit lines, is there one of these lines that falls into the middle of the road that you can recommend, buying more lines gets expensive. I’m thinking that by asking you might cut down my costs a bit.

    1. Thanks Robert, I’m in the same boat so I ordered 1 150 grain, 20′ Scientific Angler Spey lite Scandi. I’ll be doing a review and comparison with OPST. Its a tad daintier and lighter. The other recommendation I can give you is to contact steve godshall stevegodshall@charter.net and ask for his input. He may be able to custom tailor line perfect for you at a cheaper price than any factory line. Hope this is helpful and holler if I can be of service to you! Thanks for the question…Tim
      timothy rawlins

      Mar 9 at 11:41 AM

  2. OPST is largely for rookie casters – just to get em feeling it..!

    What you really need is a Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Scandi, in a weight to suit your trout spey rod.

    Go with a 270gn. for 3wt. Spey, 300gn. for 4wt. Spey; combine with a 12ft tapered mono leader, and you are set.

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