Ian Gordon: 2 Minute Spey Casting Masterclass

This is a great, short video about the fundamentals of Spey casting and fly casting.

Ian Gordon begun fishing aged eight and worked as a Ghillie on the Knockando beat for 22 years. A Former World, individual, as well as team Speycasting Champion. He holds a STANIC and AAPGAI instructor’s qualification in Salmon Casting. Specialising in Speycasting. Ian also runs a Fishing/Casting School on the River Spey, Dee and Deveron.

His school is enhanced by a digital teaching aid which he developed to enhance his simple approach to the subject. He has used this talent to teach Speycasting in many countries including – The USA, Japan and throughout Europe.

1 thought on “Ian Gordon: 2 Minute Spey Casting Masterclass

  1. Near the end of his video, Ian says “the upper hand always tracks down to initiate loading the rod, never out” (at least that’s what I think he said).

    I’ve seen several instructors give the same advice, but have never read a satisfactory explanation as to why this is required or why the term “always” is stressed. It may be that the motion clears a path for the loop? I would welcome a conclusive answer.

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