My Favorite Spey Casting Videos

This is my favorite spey casting video.  Its Brian Styskal casting a Nextcast comp line that is over 70 feet long.  He is using a Burkheimer competition spey rod.  He throws pointy loops that we mortals would be thrilled with if we were using a 30 Scandinavian shooting head. His line speed is amazing.  For distance casting, line speed is everything.  His technique is obviously excellent and effortless, as if I would know. But the loop don’t lie, and judging from the pointy shape and speed of his line, and the distance it flies, and the relaxed manner that he chucks that baby out there, I’m thinking it’s pretty much flawless.  Greg  Bencivenga is also featured in the video.  He is a FFF certified two handed casting instructor. Greg’s style is a little different than Brian’s. His loops are more open but they still travel a long, long distance and his technique is even more effortless. He recently commented that he is casting further with less effort than ever.  I believe both of these guys have made the finals at Speyorama, the Queen Mother of all speycasting competitions.  If you are hungry to learn watch this video over and over.  Also, go to Speypages and do a search for everything  speyforsteel (Greg) or highlander2 (Brian) have posted about casting and fishing.  You can learn a bunch.

Here is another Dandy

This is my favorite lately, featuring Travis Johnson.  Great instructional clip.   

A Personal Favorite of mine.  It has everything

A Sleeper

Spiral Spey

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