Happy Fathers Day- Mini Spey Heads for Trout with my Boys

I enjoyed an epic Fathers day weekend of swinging mini Spey heads with Streamers for Trout because I spent some time on the river with my boys.

Charlie is a beast.  We spent two evenings on our local water and I could not get him to quit, even after filling his waders, wading in arm pit deep water (don’t tell mom) to retrieve a fly some ding dong stuck in the brush. (Thanks Charlie) He continued to fish until we stopped on a sunny warm rock to ring out his clothes and change into something (which came off my back) dry. 

We fished until it was too dark to see.  Correction, Charlie fished until it was too dark to see.  I quit long before he did.  

My oldest son Wade followed us down to the river in his own car to fish a couple runs before he had to bolt away to other duties but it was great to see him casting again and swinging some Wooly buggers from my old one hander and makeshift Commando head.  He thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great seeing my boys on the water, having fun, casting, stepping, swinging, mending and laughing.


  We stuck a few fish, but fishing was pretty slow at times and the fish were stingy with their grabs.

 Nevertheless, Charlie stayed out well past the limit of visual safety for wading (don’t tell mom).  I stuck to him like glue after the arm pit indecent. It’s safe to say we had a great time on the water.

The Greatest Fathers day gifts for a fly fisherman.

When your son says:  

“She gave us a list.  It doesn’t mean we have to do it today. Lets go fishing.”

When your kid keeps asking “What time are we going?”

When your kid starts mending on his own and knows why he’s doing it.

When your kid changes from casting a 6′ 2/3 with two hands to one.

When you show him how to haul, and double haul and he wont quit trying to do it.

When he hooks his Wooly Bugger on a reed on the opposite side of the river, in a very wide spot.

When your kid says, “One more Cast.”

When your kid says, “I cant wait to get my two hander out.” And makes two handed casting motions.

When the fishing has been slow and you’re so cold and hungry you are about to swear off fishing and your kid says, “When can we go Steelhead fishing?

When your kid starts overhead casting with little Spey heads and Commando heads on his own because he rarely sees you doing it.

When your kid remembers his fishing licence.

When its legal to keep a fish but your kid releases it.

When you see your kid doing all the stuff you and your fishing buddies do, like casting and mending and reading water, and he starts getting good at it.

When your kid says, “Thanks Dad.”

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