Get Your Spey Gear at The Red Shed Fly Shop

Poppy Cummins is more than your average fly shop guy. He is old school.  He is well versed on the on everything from 18′ Competition Spey rods, the longest longbelly spey lines, to Winches (reels), building Bamboo fly rods,  the latest ingle handers, switch rods, to the shortest Scandinavian and Skagit shooting heads known to mankind.

Poppy Cummins is Old School.


Poppy is a long time Spey guy that started The Red Shed fly shop with humble beginnings (the venerable junkyard Spey rod comes to mind) He now has one of the coolest Spey and Flyfishing shops and sites around.

He carries Elite brands such as Gaelforce, Royal Wulff, Beulah Arrowhead, Ballistic, OPST, Airflo, Burkheimer, Winston, Meiser, Echo, Abel, Bauer, Ross, Farlex, Orvis, Dan Bailey,and much, much more.

He is a very experienced Spey fisherman and extremely knowledgeable about Swinging flies and any product related to the Spey Game. He knows his products. So if you need advice, he’s your man. His customer service is unsurpassed.

He hosts a great Spey Clave which I have not attended but is definitely on my bucket list.

Red Shed Spey Gathering

He hosts a great forum.

And last but not least is hosts the Redneck O Rama Distance Spey Competition in Conjunction with his Spey Gathering.  

4 thoughts on “Get Your Spey Gear at The Red Shed Fly Shop

  1. Only fellow Ive ever seen who sincerely wants to help the customer get outfitted with the equipment needed with virtually no regard to whether the shop makes any money on the transaction. Honest and educated insights in to what spey or other rods , reels and lines are best suited to the caster and his quarry. Been a customer from the day he opened (maybe before he opened !).

  2. He is not only knowledgeable of the spey world elements , he is the most pragmatic, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken man in the field I have ever heard of. Period!

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