Galeforce Competition Line on 14′ ARE Euro Spey 11/12

Galeforcce lines are Awesome.  They are the smoothest, easiest to cast, most supple lines out there.  You get them through Poppy.   They are my favorite line, along with the Nextcast competition and fishing lines.  If money were no object, Galeforce is probably about all I would use.  The Nextcast lines are tougher, durability wise, but the Galeforce lines?  For sensuous casting pleasure? Aint nothin’ like ’em.

I always wanted to do a review where the line actually costs more than the rod.  

This is that review and it speaks highly for the line and the rod.

I built this Rod a while back and had not used it.  Its 14′ long and I figured if I could handle a 70′ + head on it, which would actually fit into the long belly category, that it would make throwing the same line on a 15′ competition rod a breeze.  

I like my little ARE 14′ 5/6 Euro Scandi rod with the weeny tip so much I thought the big 11/12  would be a powerhouse.  I was not disappointed.  The line is about 72′ long and on my scale is about 1050 grains.  The tip section of this rod is fairly skookum, and the rod, especially for the price is a dream to cast.  It feels a little less like a rod with a weeny tip and a super stiff butt section, and more like a rod with a powerful tip that causes the rod to bend deeper in the lower sections.  That’s just what if feels like to me.  All I know is that its not to stiff, and not too soft, its juuuuust right.

The 14′ rod had no trouble handling the line although I would Ideally prefer a few less grains, but still, it worked because the Galeforce lines are expertly engineered.  

In fact I got the idea to try the experiment when I accidentally loaded the wrong spool on the reel on my 5/6 and was able to cast it with the rear of the head near my hands.  It was as smooth as butter, so I figured why not try it on some other rods and see what happens.  

As it turned out the line worked great with the 11/12 14′ on still water but the lighting was not good at all for any kind of video work so I had to cast it in a freaking torrent which taxed my casting abilities to the max.  

I stood there in fairly shallow water, like, shin deep, flailing for quite a little while before I was able to produce any kind of proficient cast.  It was all I could do to get any kind of decent left handed single spey.  In still water it was no big deal, but in fast water it was a big deal, to me.

So basically I was the weak link in the procedure but I proved to myself that this rod is a very capable rod and it is truly wonderful to cast and can you really bomb some line with it, that is if you ever find yourself in a fishing scenario where you need to cast a 72′ 1050 grain shooting head on a 14′ rod.  I can honestly say I cant imagine such a scenario.

But I learned so much about casting from the experience because I had to stick it out and flail through it until I was somewhat successful.  By the time I could cast the thing my skill set was vastly improved.  I walked into the river a boy, and returned a man.  A really tired man.

2 thoughts on “Galeforce Competition Line on 14′ ARE Euro Spey 11/12

  1. Your too modest.. I’d love to command that left hand up single wit anything longer than 50′ ish.

    Well done

    1. Thank you Shotgunner. Sounds like we are on the same journey. The left hand casts have been elusive but I work on it every time I get the chance. Nice to hear from you. Keep after it!

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