Difficult and Easy Flies to Cast

I’m tired of playing with these flies that are difficult cast.  I’ve learned a bunch but I’m ready for something a little easier and more pleasant. I’ve had pretty good luck with my own marabou Spiders.  I could probably be pretty content fishing them winter and summer. They fish well and are pretty easy to throw.

But I thought it would be fun to play with a few commercial flies.  Thanks to Charlie and Grandma and Christmas I have some at my disposal including a Prom Dress, Dirk Wiggler, Reverse Marabou, Pick Yer Pocket, Mini Intruder, Bantum, Cone headed Moal, Dumbell eyed Moal, a beautiful Jay Nicholas Special, (my name not his) and some other smaller but equally cool Spey style flies.

I’m looking forward to casting some of these and hooking up with some winter steel.



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