This is a post written by Riveraddict aka Ed Ward on Speypagesand it is an excellent read for anyone wanting to learn about swinging flies for winter Steelhead.   Since I’ve got nothing better to do right now in Texas, here’s my advice on LEARNING it. Keep in mind that this is based upon my OPINION.

Spey fishing for Steelhead is not complicated.  There are a few things that are important for you to know if you havent done it before.   Some will seem ridiculously obvious but they are so absolutely vital that they need to be in the forefront of your mind while you are Spey fishing for Steelhead. There

The color profile of this tie is black/pink/grizzly. Using either a shank or large up eye hook to be cut off after tying, mount hook in vise, add trailer hook and eyes, then a thin layer of mylar or pearl flash to extend slightly beyond the trailer hook. Next build a short body of black