How to single Spey cast video: Instructional, tutorial, but not exactly legendary. I made this to help people learn to spey cast something longer than a compact Scandi, or Skagit shooting head.   Really this will cover the bases for all spey lines but I know it will help you if you’re moving up

(Editors Note) This is a nice video of  a Single Spey cast by Greg Holt.  For a well delivered singe Spey cast I prefer a rod that is a tad on the stiff side personally.  The rod Greg is using in this particular Single Spey cast is a 14′ 5/6 Anglers Roost that he “hotrodded”

1) Do not fully load the rod until you are beginning to pass the target on the sweep. Too many of us did not know when we were first learning how to do a single Spey cast.   Loading the rod too early, such as right after you lift and begin your sweep causes erratic