Casting Longbelly Spey Lines

Three things I am working on in my effort to develop my casting technique with long belly Spey Lines.

  1. Keeping my elbows in front of me for the lift and sweep.  Particularly with the up hand elbow.  I want to keep the line moving at an incline to form the bottom leg of the V loop.  Practicing keeping the up hand elbow close to the rib cage.
  2. Keeping my hands in front of me during the lift, sweep and drift (circle up) Or at least not getting my hands behind me. Again, in an effort to keep the bottom leg of the D loop traveling up and to keep my hands from getting behind me for the forward stroke
  3. Drifting up and back after the circle up.  To make room to lengthen the forward stroke without getting my hands so far behind me that I can’t use them both with full power during the forward stroke.


2 thoughts on “Casting Longbelly Spey Lines

    1. Hey buddy, thanks for logging in (get it? “logging”) please let me know how your drone career is going. I need some drone coverage on my casting. Might be a fun project!!!

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