Casting in Tight Quarters – Jon Hazlett, Jeff Mishler et al.

Seen below is me on my first fishing trip since my dreaded heart attack. (put down that donut!) We fished one of those runs that has stairs down to it. As I work my way to full recovery I look forward to Scaling sheer cliffs again, but for now, I guess its the steps.

Jeff Rawlins let me try his Winston B2X 13378-3 525 or 550 Rio Skagit Max Head and MOW sink tip and a moderate fly. Nice twig that I’m looking forward to spending more with. Hint hint. It was lovely. First cast could have used less anchor stick. Still flew in spite of the caster. The second cast was ok. The only thing I don’t like about this rod is it throws crooked casts. I’m sure Winston is working on that.

Reverse Snap T works good also because if you do it right you can place the Anchor way out in front of you, away from the bushes, photographer. Jeff’s go-too cast.

2 thoughts on “Casting in Tight Quarters – Jon Hazlett, Jeff Mishler et al.

  1. Hi,

    Love the video’s and I learn from them but have a Q. regarding the Casting in Tight quarters video, why do you not cast with your Left hand on the Right Bank? I am Right handed for everything, except for reeling in line, I use my left hand, my Right arm is very powerful, and I understand casting off the Left is hard but I actually get a Better cast from my Left 80% of the time, I feel the Rod load better and it helps with my cast. Again, Thanks for the video’s.

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