Casting Advice for more Efficient Skagit, Scandinavian and Spey Casting

Here is a conglomeration of Spey casting ideas that can undoubtedly help you become a more efficient Spey caster.   There are as many different ways to cast a two-handed line as there are casters so these tips may not necessarily be considered gospel to everyone out there, but if you eat the meat and spit out the bones I think you will find some solid information that will help you with your Skagit Casting, Scandinavian Casting and even Spey Casting longer lines. 

Tom is featured wading in peaceful, pristine waters for his demonstration while I risked my life in the raging torrents to offer my two cents with a line I had never used before.  Thank God I was spared.

I found the Beulah Aerohead to be a sweet spey line and I can’t wait to get back out on the water to spend more time casting it.  When I made my first casts I was hitting the forward stroke entirely too hard.  Understandable, because I was ever so slowly being swept downstream towards Pelton dam, never to be seen again.  I made it back to the safety of shore and slowed my forward cast enough that the line performed brilliantly with little effort from yours truly.  It’s a sweet sweet line and very easy to cast, but then again, so is the old Airflo Delta, so I hope to be doing some comparisons soon.

I have a friend who likes to add a small section of sink tip to the end of longer Spey lines to help them turn over. 

It sounds weird, particularly because the Aerohead is not a line that is usually thought of as a sink tip line but that small section of sink tip,  as long as it’s not too long or heavy that skinny end of that floating line turns over a little better if you have your act together when you zing it out there.  The extra weight on the end helps turnover and distance! 

It seems counter-intuitive but give it a try. You may like the outcome


6 thoughts on “Casting Advice for more Efficient Skagit, Scandinavian and Spey Casting

  1. Wanted to thank you for your blog and your videos – very helpful. I am pretty new to the two-handed game and your last video really drove it home for me on hand/arm/elbow position and getting the bottom hand involved…..I have been pushing my forward cast with my top hand with little to no bottom hand…..) – I plan hitting the river tomorrow to work on my cast. Thanks again – JD

  2. Good videos, Tim. As usual! Nice to see that you didn’t become a part of Pelton Dam, too. 🙂 I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Aerohead vs. the Delta.

    1. Thanks Ben. We will have to try the Aerohead on your Deer Creek. I think it will be sweet. Looking forward to some winter fish real soon! Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me…and Google!

  3. I like this; I think the part about keeping the right elbow out in front of you will really help me out. I’m gonna try it next time I hit the water! Thanks for posting this on your site! See ya soon!

    1. Hey buddy, I agree, it’s helped me a bunch too. Kind of hard to get used to it but with enough practice and persistence it’s helped me to use both hands as opposed to too much top hand. We’ll play with it next time we get out there, which I hope will be soon.

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