Learn to Cast

Learning to cast

Here is a video of a thirteen year old kid learning to cast.

Notice the anchor placement, and also what happens when you don’t have enough shooting line pulled off of your reel! Also, notice the white mouse? I may have never mentioned one thing about peeling the line off the water to create the white mouse. It just happens.

This is a great short “instructional” video by Tim Rajeff with some very important advice for new or struggling casters. Start watching at 1:40. It could very well be entitled, Don’t have a cow, just flip it out there.

Below is an older video. Notice how the little kid drives the head under the surface of the water and notice the shape of the line in the water for the snap T. That’s how I like it to look. At the end of the video, the dad comes in and does some ham-fisted flailing. Fortunately no one was injured.

Watch Ed Ward do it here.

Mike Kinney does it too here.

Skagit casting purists claim that driving the line into the water (when stapping the T) breaks the surface tension and helps to water load the rod.