Cameras That Shoot Videos Too!

Classy photo by Todd Hirano of Dry Line Steelhead- Oregon – Taken on his smart phone!

I am working on my photography skills. High quality photos are at the top of my list of priorities at linespeedjedi  along with high quality videos.  I’m just starting out so I use what I have and do the best I can with what I have as far as equipment and knowledge.

My friend Chris from Morsecoding is a professional who creates quality commercials for demanding customers.  He is a a tech guy and a camera man and he understands still photography and videography.  When I told him what my goals were and asked for camera recommendations he suggested, without so much as a pause, the Cannon 6D which is capable of producing quality still photos and videos.  When Chris upgraded to this model he said the results, especially in low light were incredible.  There was no middle ground. It was the Cannon 6D at a minimum for what I was hoping to achieve, or nothing.  He actually has a more expensive model with more buzzers and bells for shooting commercials. I’m still using my phone for pics and videos. But I’ve got my sights set high.

2 thoughts on “Cameras That Shoot Videos Too!

  1. Hi, Tim,

    I’m wondering if you’re still shooting video on your phone. Some of your video looks to be shot in high definition, but also with slow motion. I’ve found that when you shoot video of the cast in HD and slow it down it looks choppy, as the HD on my phone shoots at 30 frames per second.

    I was hoping you could give me some insight. You’re videos look fantastic!


    George Roberts

    1. Thanks George. Some of my early videos were shot on a go pro silver but more recently I have used a Nikon D3300. I’m thinking about using an Iphone 6 because the comparisons I’ve read actually say the Iphone 6 shoots much higher quality videos. The still photo capability of the Nikon is better than the Iphone 6 but not video quality. I will try to get a new video made using the Iphone and see how it turns out. Thanks for the compliments and especially for taking the time to sign in and comment on the blog. The Nikon I use does not produce slow motion video so I have been using the slow-mo editor on Youtube and if you slow it down too much it gets weird. But, the Iphone six can make slow motion videos without youtube editing so I’m excited about turning a few videos out. Thank you so much man!

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