Best switch rod for the money.

My son and I’ve been fishing the Anglers Roost 11′ 5/6 -4 (piece) IM6 blank that I rolled into a custom switch rod. Actually its his rod, we built it together and now I have confiscated it and it rocks This little dude is amazing.  We used it Swinging for summer steelhead with a Steve Godshall custom Skandit driver of 318 grains and about 18.6 feet and moderate sink tips- like t8 or lighter.   I suggest 300 to 350 grains for a Scandi line.  A ltitle heavier for Skagit.


….Or stripping for big trout with my own mock up of Rio’s Skagit Trout Max, or whatever they call it. Its short and fat and its the best I have found for chucking heavy flies, fairly heavy sink tips and flies. I’m casting big, articulated flies overhead with two hands unless its impossible, in which case I go to skagit casting which is ugly but fairly efficient in a pinch.


This rod is right on the money. Its fairly mellow, pretty powerful, light enough and very inexpensive.  Order your blank at Angler Roost.  Its a sleeper.  Contact Steve Godshall 541-840-2594 and have him build you a custom line for this stick. He knows the stick, as a matter of fact he recommended it.   I’m not affiliated with Stever or Anglers Roost, I just thought I would pass this info on to my friends!  Thanks for reading and watching.


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