Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T.

The Airflo F.I.S.T. line (Floater, Intermediate, Sink-Tip) is a new Skagit head that is roughly two thirds sinker. It enables us to fish fast runs more slowly, swing slowly in the cold, plus get deeper when needed…Peter Charles Hooked4life Fly Fishing full blown excellent Review!

Here are a few random neural firings I experienced when I used the Airflo Skagit F. I.S.T.

1)  Don’t use the FIST with a heavy sink tip and weighted fly unless you really want to get deep, OR…unless you really, really enjoy losing flies.

2)  It casts nice with a 15′ type 3 sink tip and moderate fly on a 13’6″ rod.

3)  There seems to be a slight learning curve to get my timing right.

4)  It flies far once you get your stroke dialed.

5)  It’s really fun to cast!

6)  The Airlo FIST might be even more fun with a lighter head for Scandinavian Casting.

7)  Sure would be cool to see it come out in lighter grain weights.

8) Just how deep do I really need to get?

Buy Arflo Skagit Fist from Fin N Fire (My local fly shop in Redmond Oregon)

Read Peter Charles most excellent review on the Airflo Skagit FIST here….

2 thoughts on “Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T.

  1. Good review, Tim. I could tell by the video that you reached the end of your shooting line on many occasions. The comments in your review align with my findings. Smooth casting, long distance, and you can go with a lighter tip because of the triple density line. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks. Super fun line to cast. I think for people who want to go deep and cast far, this is the line. No sense if fishing the heavy tips if you really don’t need it. I appreciate your input. Thank you!

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