About Me

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For more about me please check out The Steelhead Plan, and The Casting Sheriff.

I am a fly fishing and Spey casting enthusiast. I enjoy swinging flies for Steelhead, Trout and Smallmouth Bass with two handed and single handed fly rods.    When I don’t have the time to fish I enjoy spey casting. I pretty much taught myself to cast a two handed rod which is a surprise to no one who has seen me cast. My first Spey rod was an Anglers Roost. I wanted to cast like Ed Ward. I watched spey casting videos online, then went out to a pond and practiced. I asked the speypages crowd for advice and still do. You have to know who to believe. Whenever I had a chance I would steal away for a couple hours of casting practice. I’ve bought and sold about 35 rods since I started fooling around with them. I still have more than one but I’ve settled down and developed an intimate personal relationship with each one of the few rods I now own.  Shooting heads and Spey lines are the same way. I have a few favorites and I rarely chop them up until they are virtually worthless anymore. That’s how far I’ve come.

If I travel my spey rods and lines and waders go with me along with a single hander or two. I make time to stop and fish or cast, often. I fish with my kids whenever they’ll go. I’m fortunate to be around water here in the PNW. I spey cast with longer lines now but fish mostly with shooting heads because I am often standing under a tree when I fish, in a boulder patch. Occasionally I get to fish a run with an actual beach and use a long line. I entered my first Spey casting competition last summer. It was Speyorama style, so it was in deep water, with gnarly angle changes. I’m happy to say I completed each of the four casts and received a score and a hearty handshake from Travis Johnson, the guy who won the competition. I haven’t washed my right hand since. So, no, I am NOT a genuine linespeed jedi. I’m more like a linespeed Jed. But hey, everybody’s gotta dream…and I’m here to help.