6 thoughts on “A Very Entertaining and Well Done Video on OPST Commando Skagit Heads by Oliver Sutro

  1. Glad to find this video I just learned the Spey cast and I think it has tons of applications where I fish but I don’t necessarily wanna buy more rods. I think commando heads are for me.

  2. I’d fish with Oliver. Camp, backpack, motorcycle too probably. His enthusiasm is contagious, even in less than ideal circumstances. This is how McManus would have been 40 years ago.

    1. I agree. Great sense of humor and timing and a likable personality, not to mention a good caster. I’m about ready to go pick up a commando head. Maybe then I could learn to Skagit cast. Speaking of McMannus, I spent the week with 14 year old Charlie in Elk camp. His assignment was to read McMannus each night. Time in the woods away from the computer was a God send. Do you have any plans to pick up a commando head Greg?

      1. I do have a single hand 9 foot 10 weight with a fighting butt that might appreciate a commando head, though I haven’t yet researched which grain weight head would match up. The shortness of those heads should encourage out-and-around constant tension “pause-less” casting in combination with the use of overhang, and might be one way to help a person get a feel for something that can be elusive.

        That being said, I still have lots of work to do to master medium and longer heads first!

        1. I have a few places on the Deschutes where I strip for Browns where super short head would be handy besides most of the Steelhead Runs I seem to fish where I’m backed up against tall grass and under trees where they would be good. I gave up one handed casting with regular Skagit type gear because it wore my hand out so the OPST Commando might just be the ticket.

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