A short, sweet, Scandi casting lesson: Lift, sweep, bottom hand, tailing loop. Ok?

Time for a little levity. I have thrown so many tailing loops since I started learning Scandi casting that it has become very frustrating. My usual answer for tailing loops, or any problem for that matter was to lengthen, or slow down or somehow adjust with my top hand.

Now, that I’m trying to tame my top hand I seem to have lost control of what the line does.

But I showed Charlie the underhand cast as displayed by other casters than myself, you know, ones that can actually DO the cast and he became interested so we are learning together.

Charlie is casting with the 14 footer but he has a shorter rod he much prefers and he shows a pretty good knack for learning so hopefully we will have one true Scandi man in the family, maybe two if I can some how adopt Janusz Panicz who has been so gracious and helpful and generous to help me.


I relined my ARE 14′ 5/6 with a 6/7 Rio Scandi body and 15′ floating tip so basically I’ve dropped the grains about 100 down from the 8 weight, so its a much smoother, sweeter outfit, and the tailing loop problem is much better.

I plan on looping a rope around my neck and sticking my hand through it and casting that way to stop my top hand from hamnering down and forward so hard.  I may even go with a shock choler.  We shall see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “A short, sweet, Scandi casting lesson: Lift, sweep, bottom hand, tailing loop. Ok?

  1. http://www.flyfisherman.com/featured/fly-casting-overcoming-the-tailing-loop/#ixzz40aDFc4wv

    The above article is very helpful in understanding and correcting tailing loops, whether using a single hand rod or a two hander. The “nut” is that the rod tip is often not following the same path in real life as it is in our “mind’s eye”. Control rod tip path and tame short abrupt power applications and you’ve eliminated 90% of tailing loops. The remaining 10% are probably out of balance tackle like heavy flies on long, light leaders.

    Still, you gotta love it when your kids pick up a rod and show the old man how its done…

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