A Scandi Casting and Underhand How To Video

This is a very instructive and simple video.  It lays out a very good foundation for anybody wanting to learn to cast, mend, and fish Scandi style with one or two hands with a strong emphasis on bottom hand.

On my journey into trying to get a grasp on what the term Scandi casting truly means I ran across this video.

Klaus Frimor gives a very simple and straight forward description of what I take to be Scandinavian Spey casting, or possibly the underhand technique.

I am working on some drone footage of yours truly flailing away in an attempt to master my underhand technique.  One thing I have learned is that it really has helped me to use a fairly fast, stiff-ish, if even “tippy” rod to cast true Scandi style.  I will soon do a review on my favorite rod for Scandi Spey casting with an emphasis on the bottom hand.  Here is a review on the my favorite line.



6 thoughts on “A Scandi Casting and Underhand How To Video

  1. There is more worthwhile information in this video than would first be apparent. Klause is a master of understatement, any many of his “minor” points have not been emphasized in our part of the world.

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking Greg, I thought it was very simple and straight forward for anyone wanting to adapt to or learn that style. It pretty much covered the bases, Casting, mending, underhand style, anchors etc. It’s worth watching over again and again.

    1. I agree Sahil, Klaus is a good teacher. I think there is a video floating around somewhere on the internet casting one handed on the Clear water. He is a true Jedi. Thanks for your input.I Its greatly appreciated!

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