A Combination of Scandinavian Style and Skagit Casting: Scandit


Rod: 12’7″ 7/8 Beulah Classic Spey

Running line: Varivas Airs

Shooting head: Rio Scandi Short Versitip #8

10′ Intermediate Sink Tip

3′ 12 lb Maxima Ultra Green leader

Fly: Unweighted Hoh-bo Spey or similar on Wandington shank.

Casts: Single Spey,  Snake roll,  Stap T,  Perry Poke,  Snake Poke,  Jelly Roll, and I think I saw a double Spey in there somewhere along with a cack handed Snap T.

Fun:  Too much.

Fish: Zero

On my way home I played in the sun for a while waiting for it to go behind the mountains.   Rained out at work, I spent a previous day in the week on the Siletz, alone, without a person, or a fish, within miles, packing nothing but a camera equipped with a dead battery.  Also I fell in several times, both rods submerged under my body, floating downstream (in two feet of water) camera and case floating ahead of me.  Twice.  It was refreshing. I pretty much stayed in that state of refreshment all day.  For a change of pace I took a couple of very hard spills on dry ground among big rocks.  Thankfully I was not injured and no camera, phone, or rods were seriously damaged, just scratched up a bit.

To the fella who I let step in and fish the run ahead of me on the N Santiam while I was making this video, Your welcome.  Of course as soon as you left and the sun was off the water I fished the run and sure enough, I got skunked.  But it would have made a good story if I had picked your pocket. Tight lines.

Here is a great video of proper Underhand Scandinavian style casting from Cloner on Spey pages. Check out his Vimeo videos. He is excellent.

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