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    1. sure Carlo! The Z Axis 8129 is more powerful, has a crisp, powerful action and is one of my favorite Sage rods. It is heavier than the Method 7126 and has quite a bit more backbone than the Method. IMO, comparing the two is like comparing a strong 6 weight to a strong 8 weight. The method would make a nice Summer Steelhead Rod on the Deschutes (my home river) While the Z Axis 8 weight would make a sweet winter rod in the PNW and In my mind would be a great all around rod.

        1. Hmmmm….It’s been a while but TCX is a tad stiffer and I might prefer it for strictly Scandi casting. The 8129 is a little more powerful and probably capable of casting bigger Skagit lines, Action is a little more moderate and very sweet to cast, pretty crisp and pleasant! Hope this is helpful! Thanks for asking!

  1. Hey Tim,

    What do you like better about the 7126 TCX vs the Method or ONE?

    Great site by the way. Really appreciate your videos!

    1. Hi Joe, thank you for the question. For sheer raw power and a fabulous feeling rod with an easy casting action I far prefer the TCX AKA DeathStar! The method was daintier but feels (to me) more like a 6/7 weight as far as power goes but its probably more fun playing smaller fish. Really, the Deathstar feels more like an 8 weight and can cast heavier lines. Only played with the Sage on in a six weight, it is nice and light too. The one and Method are very petite rods, light with more high tech graphite but the TCX is my favorite!

        1. Hi Joe, it was a 550 Skagit flight and medium Mow tip with 7.5′ of float and 2.5′ of tll on the end. Lots of grains for touch and go but flew like a bat nonetheless! Thanks Joe!

              1. Hey Joe, I have not, but I want to play with one really bad! Wish I could be of more help. This might be a good question for the Speypages crowd! For faster action Sages I do like the Deathstar, Z Axis 8129-4, and I’ve heard the VXP is sweet but have not tried that one…As for the Method it was OK in the #7.

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