Scandinavian Spey Casting Issues.

Here I am on the river after fishing a beautiful but fishless run, practicing my “underhand” technique before darkness sets in. The most important part about the underhand technique I have experienced and want to improve most is the firing position position before the forward stroke. See below.
Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 10.29.27 AM

Janusz Panicz in proper firing position in above photo.

Firing position
My Firing position.  I don’t have quite as much underhand to utilize and I’m leaning back. I’d like to see my feet a little wider apart and my body rocking into the cast instead of away from the cast.

Again, see the bottom video for my idea of a single Spey cast using Scandinavian Technique.

Double Snake Roll spey cast upper body and hands kinetics (slow motion) from Janusz Panicz on Vimeo.

From the proper firing position you have amazing purchase power for using the bottom hand. After pushing out with your bottom hand during the sweep you are set up raise both hands up into the proper firing position.

I’m getting better at using more bottom hand during the sweep but I have a tendency to drift both hands out to the side of my body. When that happens the tendency is for that lower hand to be out of the desired position and in a less effective position ie. closer to my body where I can not utilize my bottom hand pull enough, therefore supplementing with my top hand which has become a crutch.

Not that there is anything terribly wrong with using a long top hand stroke as far as making fishable casts. But getting more proficient with my bottom hand will make all of my casting more efficient, particularly with longer lines and tournament casting which requires maximum pull on the forward stroke.  At least, that’s one of my overall goals.

More footage of me, this time on the South Fork of the Santiam.  Another fishless run. I need to do more fishing and less casting.  I usually have about two hours to spare at each fishing spot on my travels and I am deeply grateful for each minute on the water, casting or fishing.

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