Cack Handed Double Spey

Not my favorite cast.  In fact I’m not exactly sure the last time I tried it if at all. I don’t cast cack handed often but it is fun. Similar to making whoopee over 50 (not miles an hour either) It’s been such a long time that I forgot which way to point my toes […]

A Reply to from Ed Ward reguarding cm/cl Skagit Casting

Ed Ward, aka RiverAddict on Speypages posted the following comment on Speypages response to this blog post about constant motion, continuous load Skagit casting. I presented my “new” thoughts regarding CM/CL (Constant Motion/ContinuousLoad) SOMEWHERE on the internet a couple/few years ago. Unfortunately, where exactly I don’t remember. Basically it shakes out to, after having discussed extensively, […]