Skagit casting

I have to give the nod to Ed Ward for the funnest clip to watch, the Skagitmaster 1 video trailer.

 I know that Skagit casting is poo-pooed by many a longbelly enthusiast but I also know that Travis Johnson who is a world champion and Speyorama champion uses Skagit lines for fishing and even stars in the ever popular Getting More Powerful Skagit Casts video.

I’m over trying to cast Skagit lines really far every single time.  Eight, ten, or twelve strips is plenty for me these days for most situations.  But if you really like watching Skagit lines go a long ways, watch Peter Bowers, the Patient Angler, cast a long way here.

 Pretty sweet casting in waist deep water.  If you’re thinking he’s wading where he should be fishing, you might be right, but this river doesn’t always hold loads of fish and this guy has been known to catch a few. So my money’s on him.  And speaking of guys who know their stuff, Peter Charles makes very nice Skagit casting videos…

…although he is more known for his Scandinavian Single spey technique. His is Hooked4life website is crammed with great info on fishing, casting, flies, lines and more.

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