Impromtu Spey Casting Lesson

Last weekend  Charlie and I had some fence to fix on the honey do list but we made a little detour to the pond so I could have him video a few casts.  While I was watching the replay he took my rod and played with a few snap T casts.  I asked him to […]

A Single Spey for The Ages

Check this out. Occasionally I run across a relatively undiscovered video that I have the honor of showcasing on this site.  This is incredible technique with a long-ish Spey line. Geir Hansen from Norway has been top Tournament Spey competitor many years. He finished 4th in 18ft Spey in 2016 World Championships. He is also […]

Jerry French leaves OPST

I thought this was a really cool blog post by Jerry French.  He explains why he left OPST and the impact he is having on fly tyers internationally. I found him on the Aqua Flies website. They have some great flies. Thanks Rick J of Speypages for the headsup. Rick Jorgensen is a lifelong fishing partner […]

Angular Momentum with Tobias Hinzmann

Tobias Hinzmann was kind enough to submit a couple of very interesting videos showing some work he has been doing in regards to angular momentum using high quality super slow motion videos. I posted them here because I thought they were very well done. He obviously put a ton of work into these. I thought […]