How NOT to do a Review

It is a struggle for me to talk fast. I really need to get fired up to whip out a fast sentence. I will get better. ….We are going to review some fly fishing stuff. Spit it out man! My Speaking Coach Then there is this gem, the “lighted beanie” footage! That’s Review  NOT Preview!  DUDE! […]

Longbelly videos

Yours Truly performing a magical single spey cast using a CND competition rod and a Nextcast comp line.  I might be dangerous if I put something into my forward stroke! Uhg Thanks Mike Ivy for pointing that out and Jim Ansite for letting me eavesdrop on your advanced FFFTHCI tutelage! Roger H from Sweden over at […]

Head Hunting with Jeff

Swinging For Big Trout with Jeff Rawlins Photo by Lisa Rawlins I had the privilege of swinging for Trout on the Deschutes River last Saturday with my friend, mentor, fishing buddy, and fellow Steelhead junkie Jeff Rawlins. It was a beautiful January day with fairly calm winds and warm temps. Freshly hatched dry flies with […]